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Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Salute Remix)

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What's so good?
By | Feb 16, 2013

The “J Dilla revolution” will not be sold in stores. It’ll be self-produced by tons of young kids making remixes, refixes and beats in their bedrooms. Like this damn nice Aaliyah remix from a 16-year-old beatmaker out of Vienna named Felix Nyajo. It’s a speedy/soulful version of Aaliyah, like waves that crash on shore at night. Peaceful and soothing, but kinda scary with their energy.

Felix’s got a free EP, FIELDS, off of his own label, Take Care Recordings. Apparently the EP made Idol Mag’s Top 5, alongside James Blake and The Weeknd. Pretty good company to be keeping. Check out what they had to say:

“Full of warmth, Fields comprises of a beat that sounds like its tripping over itself (in a good way) and a relaxed trumpet that provides glimpses into a lazy summer’s day in the city. Although the internet currently has little on Salute himself, a quick listen through his Soundcloud reveals a varied portfolio of songs that certainly show a lot of promise.”

You can learn more about Salute on his Facebook page and listen to more of his soulful collection on SoundCloud. Also of note is his “Locked Up” remix and his instrumental tracks like “Lovelace.” I have to agree with Idol and The Urban Playlist - this kid shows lots promise, and is definitely on the forefront of the youth-led instrumental hip-hop movement.

Long live the Dilla sounds.

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