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Casablanca  - Yes

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What's so good?
By | Feb 3, 2013

Being the weekend and all, there isn’t a lot of new music to post, so today I wanted to share a band with you that I didn’t get a chance to review last year. Their name is Casablanca, and they are a young five-piece band from London — so young, that at the time I had found them they hadn’t even played a gig yet. However, for a debut single, “Yes” was a rather mature and promising track from these young guns.

I was awfully impressed with the crisp and clean production of the song and the apparent groove that they manage to pull off in this number. The danceable drum kicks. the euphoric guitar, and the bass tones won me over instantly. I was also suprised to find out that their drummer is in fact the brother of Jamie MacColl from Bombay Bicycle Club. I guess it runs in the family.

Nothing new released as of yet, but they have got a demo in the works that should be released shortly — it did sound quite promising.


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