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Houses - Beginnings

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Sounds like: Beach House, Teen Daze
What's so good?
By | Jan 31, 2013

Houses is the perfect little indie outfit. With a molasses Beach House pace, Kings of Leon weighted vocals, and Band of Horses serenity, they are a poster child for indie rock. Shoegazers and dancers alike can enjoy their music harmoniously, simultaneously, as one. Maybe even holding hands…

My first experience with Houses was due to a good friend of mine while we were living in Seattle. “Have you heard Houses?” she would ask. Regretfully at the time, my reply was a simple no. So strong was her passion that she promoted them at the local radio station where she worked, and her boyfriend even convinced them to write her a song for Valentine’s Day. Disgustingly, beautifully thoughtful on his part, but the point being that this shows the caliber of musicians Houses really is. Not only are they great songwriters, they are overtly human and caring.

“Beginnings” is their latest lo-fi single — overdue from the soft and lovely “Soak it Up” — and carries a bit more weight and maturity as to be expected from a second release. The lyrics, poignant to say the least, are so depressingly heavy it almost seems possible to wrap yourself in them as they fall from Dexter Tortoriello’s mouth.

A Quite Darkness is due out this April via Downtown Records.

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