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Michael Imperial - Mirror

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What's so good?
By | Feb 1, 2013

When I started Michael Imperial’s “Mirror” I thought, “This is nice.” He’s taken a sample of Mary J.Blige’s “Just Fine” and given it some Michael Jackson flavor. But at about the 30 second mark, when a tropical trill kicked in, I thought, “Ahhh, this is nice.”

There’s a few more welcome surprises that peek in throughout, but I won’t ruin them for you. Instead I’ll tell you a little more about Michael Imperial. This track is the lead single off the Toronto native’s EP, Secret Drugs Volume 2, and was featured on BBC 1 by Skream and Benga earlier this monthYou can stream the entire album over on his SoundCloud and buy it on Bandcamp. Michael describes the collection as “ranging from chilled-out to bassy bangers…music [that] inspires and evokes.”

And that’s the end of what I can tell you, because his biography section is still covered in lorem ipsum. But no worries, there’s an entire two volumes of enjoyable music, or what Michael calls “Toronto Bump,” to keep you busy.  

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Time to forget about a man/Time to pick up the guitar again/Diffuse into the rhythms/Diagnose the symptoms of freedom/Now my heart's beating a little faster ...learn more →

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