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Secret Hands - How

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What's so good?
By | May 3, 2012

Born in Portugal but raised in Melbourne, Nuno Cordeiro is a young man with a lot of talent. Under the moniker Secret Hands, the songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist has been raising some eyebrows with his hybrid pop sounds. Currently residing between Paris and Melbourne, he has been experimenting with different soundscapes since 2009, and he’s just put the finishing touches on his debut EP How.

Current single “How” – the EP’s title track – has been receiving plenty of local support since its release. Brooding and emotive, it also somehow manages to stay upbeat with its frantic percussion and Cordeiro’s striking voice. He’s found that perfect spot between light and dark, which most cannot. “I Forget Who I Am” is also a standout, perhaps more expansive in its layering, topped off with significant sections of synth riffs and a sharp beat.

How is a truly engaging first release, and it will be interesting to see how Cordeiro progresses with so much talent at his disposal.

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